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General Rules

Post by Hour on Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:57 am

These are the general rules of forum role playing, you can see these rules in every rpg forum.

1. All rules in this section must be obeyed and you will accept all punishment if you break any rule, upon creating an account.

2. All rules can be later altered by me and new rules can be added by me. If you happen to do something that would make me add it into the rules, stop doing it, your punishment will not be severe, or even nothing.

3. All staff has the right to give out punishments to those who break any rule, any attempts to evade punishment will be further punished, and if there is a dispute and I would like to be the judge of the situation, I shall be involved.

4. We will not accept accounts with spam names, which are random letters and/or numbers, and those accounts will be deleted. Only one character is allowed per person/IP, if you share an IP with someone else who would also like to play, please notify me before you create a second account on your IP so I can take note of that. If your character dies, if you wish to continue playing, you must create a new character which will be explained, however you are still using the same account throughout.

5. Create a story with your posts, describe details and your on-topic thoughts, having a sentence of response will get you nowhere.

6. Minimal (1 or 2) swear words are allowed if they do not conflict with any of the following.
1. It must not be targeted towards another player, it is fine if it is minimal and is towards something you have done wrong, etc.
2. It must not be any racist remarks, adult content, or to exploit another player's uniqueness.
3. If another player tells you to stop or not use any swear words, stop using them, or it is against the rules.

7. You must respect and treat all other players equally and you must be friendly towards everyone.

8. Try to keep arguments that no one needs to see into the Private Messages.

9. Using copied material for your role playing is strictly against the rules and you will be punished based on the staff's choosing. Plagiarism is taken very seriously.



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